Code: NLC-017

Volume: 1750 cc

Size: 230x190x110 mm

Colour: Transparent

Raw Material: PET

Technical Spesificaiton

Volume: 1750cc

Size: 230x190x110 mm

Raw Material: PET

Packaging and Shipping

Pieces in a Box: 200 pcs.

Package Dimensions: 505x360x470 mm

Pieces in Package: 50 pcs.

Qua. of Boxes for Full Truck “M³ (1 koli/parcel): 0,1114”

20’DC Container (33M³): 386 parcel

20’DC Pallet Container (33M³): 280 parcel

40’DC Container (76M³): 889 parcel

40’DC Pallet Container (76M³): 700 parcel

Flat Tape Trailer (90M³): 1053 parcel

Pallet Flat Tape Trailer (90M³): 924 parcel